This is an ongoing epilogue of a classic.

Girl meets boy in FSY.

Girl ends up liking boy, but then boy rejects girl.

Until, boy discovers his true feelings and…

Down the line, boy and girl marry, get sealed for all time and all eternity.

This is not a story of our happily ever after…

YSA Oxford Ball, England 2015 - photo from S. Deacon | Keen & Kindly


Portrait of a sheepish grin © Keen and Kindly 2016

Hello! My name is Kynna, the Filipino half of Keen & Shelly. I was born and raised in the Philippines, then raised some more in England. I started blogging in 2015 after keeping journals since my I was a kid.

There’s a saying in Filipino that reminds me to look back on the path you’ve taken to remember how far you’ve come and take humility as a key in your journey.

Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.

In English, a rough translation goes something like this. “One who doesn’t look back and learns from their past, won’t be able to reach their destination/destiny/future.”

And so, this is an ongoing record to look back on my personal growth in the gospel, education, fitness and other facets I value in life.

To chronicle the early days of our marriage and share one perspective of life as a British Filipino Mormon is one goal of mine for Keen & Shelly.

Hope to have you join us along the way.

Happiness at Ogmore-by-Sea © Keen and Kindly 2016

Hey there, I’m Michael. Born and raised in Bradford, England, I’m a Yoskhireman’ with a natural tendency to save money. I make the English half of Keen & Shelly.

I recently moved to Birmingham to start my new life with my new wife and it’s difficult at times. Birmingham’s expensive! And the public transport has a lot to be desired, such as the ability to give change…

It’s a learning process but we’re getting there.

I’ve always loved being creative. Decorating cakes for family and close friends, experimenting and crafting my skills in cooking, and as of late, and blogging.

It’s new world for me. I recently started after Kynna’s example. Since then, it’s become a way to practice reflection, to share our experiences as newlyweds and keep a personal record in an easy-to-read, enjoyable multi-media format.

While I’m learning the ropes to blogging, I hope you can gain some understanding of our life as Mormon newlyweds.


Again, this is not the story of our happily ever after.

Really it’s our ongoing journey.

As we navigate the first year of our married life, we document our adventures as a modern Mormon family from our little flat in Birmingham.

At present, we’re both full-time university students trying to live a thrifty, healthy, and productive life in our shared quest for happiness.

As we both journey forward, we’ll share stories, tips and tricks, of what worked and what didn’t, and how our faith leads us and guides along the way.