Cabin Fever…

zIt’s been over a month since the morning of our wedding. Instead of waking up in a soft warm bed like everyone else, I woke up on a tiny ‘AirBnB’ sofa in the front room. Instead of using the bathroom first to get ready, I fought hard, ending up last. Instead of being chauffeured to the chapel, I had to drive myself. It was a rough morning.

Not Really! It was mostly stress-free and very enjoyable, just how I wanted it. I just like telling it that way. Truthfully I didn’t do myself any favours the night before. Getting in at 2am, I found the only remaining place to sleep. I had to iron my shirt on the morning so I was late using the bathroom and in regards to the car, I wanted to drive myself having being offered a lift the night before. It was great having everyone there the morning of, getting ready and having the photos together.

Michael with Groomsmen - Wedding Morning
Some of the Groomsmen in the morning


Luna De Miel


Following our wedding, we spent a week in the scorching hot ‘Lloret De Mar, Spain’. My first time on an aeroplane. Feeling the childish awe as the plane began to move. The excitement, when feeling the forward thrust as the engines propelled the plane into the sky. Watching the houses transform into pinheads within seconds. To Kynna, I was like a little child, pointing out the little things that to her have become fact. Until that moment, at 28 years old, I remained unaware as to whether or not I was scared of flying. I’m pleased to report that, I’m not! I loved it and I took videos to document the occasion.

The adventure was full of new experiences. I was able to see a new culture first hand. New road regulations and signs along with new customs. Even after a week in that foreign land, I was still at risk of imminent death from traffic. I simply couldn’t get used to the roads and I wasn’t even driving. “Look left, look right”, I was taught from a child. No good! “Look left, look right” doesn’t work over there. Letting Kynna take charge is the only thing that works over there,

So we had a great time. We loved the sun, the beach, the clear water. The view from up high and the rocky hills acting as bookends for the shoreline between. The only negative part of the entire honeymoon was our gloomy box aka… our hotel room. We got used to it as for the majority of our time there, we were out exploring, but being honest. Upon first inspection. I was a little shocked. Ugly green bedding. Décor from the 70’s. Sliding glass doors leading to a cute little balcony overlooking the most gorgeous blank wall.

Truthfully, it’s fun to look back on. It didn’t really matter. We had the perfect fun filled, romantic getaway to celebrate our marriage and in reality, we were there all inclusive. We had fresh towels every day and thankfully, air-conditioning!


Our Return


Kynna’s naturally tanned complexion was looking darker. She was looking good. Me however, I was red. I was lobster-red. We soon met with our landlord, signed the dotted line. Got the keys and began moving everything into our new flat. Even after returning, it was like we were still on our honeymoon. You could perhaps put it down to novelty but we felt the excitement of moving in.

“Where should we put the plates?”

“Which cupboard should we use for food?”

“How should we position the sofas?”

These were our questions and it was a great experience planning how we were going to live.

After a short time, back in Bradford to celebrate the beautiful wedding of my beautiful sister. We continued our efforts. Reshuffling the furniture, packing away bags and boxes of belongings. Unpacking our suitcases. With every passing day, the house looks more like a home. Our home. Our little haven away from the world.

We’ve lived here now, in total, about 3 weeks. We’ve explored the local area. Found the shops. Stocked the cupboards. Bought a draining board, mugs, pizza cutter, cling film… and even registered at our local medical practice.

Michael and Kynna Home
A Snippet of our home.


The Cabin


WhatsApp Image 2017-08-07 at 00.09.56

About 2 weeks ago, unexpectedly, Kynna fell ill. Feeling dizzy. Light headed. Confused. I got worried so the next day I booked her an appointment with her GP. Seeing her confused state and slurred speech, the kind doctor sealed our fate. She suggested Kynna received some urgent tests. This resulted in over 10 hours at A&E as they inspected, drew blood and scanned her brain.

We remained hopeful that it was nothing to worry about but we knew what they were testing for. Some potentially serious brain disorders, viruses and bacterial infections. They were playing it safe and despite how long it took on a Friday evening. We were happy for them to do what they had to, to be sure she would be ok. Thankfully, at about 2am, after a spontaneously scary evening and beginning to feel like I needed a brain scan myself, she received the all clear and we were on our way home.

Over the last 2 weeks, things have been a little different. Kynna has been taking things easy. Resting. Healing. I’ve been ensuring that she takes things easy. (A learning curve in itself. My Kynna isn’t very good at being told to rest). Aside from my occasional trip to the shops, this has led to our temporary confinement in our small, 4 room, haven away from the world. It is small but it’s ours.

Firstly, it’s been great just having each other. Time to talk away from distractions. I could never get fed up with is Kynna’s company. Even when ill she makes me laugh. She’s her true self and I love it. During this brief confinement, we’ve found many fun things to do. Family games, such as ‘Exploding kittens’ and ‘Pictionary-Man’. Computer games where I killed some zombies! Although the PS4 isn’t usually my thing and I don’t really do games, it’s been fun. Drawing. A decade ago, I used to love putting pencil to paper. Since then, sadly I haven’t had time but recently we’ve spend hours sitting opposite, doing our best to capture each other’s portrait. The anticipation of what the other is drawing, the rather awful attempts displayed upon reveal was all entertaining. On top of that, we’ve binged a few shows. Watched a few movies. Even started writing about our time as newlyweds and in general, just had fun making the most of our time and the situation.


Over A Month


It’s now been over a month, since arriving at the church, greeted by friends and family. I was confined to the chapel where I began to wear holes into the carpet. Waiting at the front for 20 minutes for my bride to arrive, before one of the best men (yes I had 3) looked to me, saying the words I’d been waiting for. “She’s Here!”. My heart pounding in my chest. Seeing her for the first-time, I literally gasped. Turning the corner, walking down the aisle towards me. Dressed in that perfect white wedding dress accompanied by that glowing smile.

I’ll never forget that moment. The memories are so clear. I find it hard to believe it’s been over a month since we stood, hand in hand, speaking in turn as we committed our lives to each other. Exchanged rings and went to the temple in Preston, to be sealed for time and for all eternity.

It has been over a month! The greatest month of my life, so far!

Kynna and Michael Holding Hands


The Silence


Thankfully, Kynna is now better! She’s back at the GYM. Regained her strength and confidence in stepping outside and we’re going out more. Until university starts in late September, life is rather slow. Quiet even, but it’s how we like it. I’d say it’s a lot like the silence before the storm.

The final few months of this year promise to be quite busy for the both of us, as we anticipate the university work a head. It’s now mid-August and we still have another month of limbo, but we’re here. We’re together. We’re happy, healthy and honestly, Cabin Fever feels pretty good.

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