Create That Thing

Minion Cake
Minion Birthday Cake

I have always loved being creative. Figuring out how things work or why they don’t. Trying to fix the problem, such as a locked piano. It’s enjoyable and somewhat addictive trying to turn an idea of the mind into something real. One of the hobbies I enjoy is cake decorating. Getting an idea, seeing it in my mind and working by ‘trial and error’ to bring it alive.

Growing up two of my favourite games involved just this. Meccano and K-NEX. Both were self-assembly sets. The bigger the box the better. Rods, connectors, cogs, rubber bands, nuts and bolts. Providing you had enough pieces, you could create just about anything. I liked making things like a Crane or Ferris wheel. Mildly functional vehicles, machines and other objects. Things that would move, grab or swing. I’d be lost in it for hours.

Whether it’s cake decorating, pumpkin carving or coding a low-quality computer program, I love to create. Once the idea is in my mind. Once I’ve seen the vision, I feel almost a compulsion of sorts to complete it. To bring the idea into reality. Often this would result in badly planned all-nighters.


Wedding Creations


As Kynna and I continue to enjoy life and live in this silence before the storm. We’re trying to stay busy. Find little things to focus our minds on.

Kynna's Wedding Bouquet
Kynna’s Wedding Bouquet

The run up to the wedding was intense. So much to organise. To make. From designing invitations, adjusting table plans, making all the wedding flowers to envisioning and designing the reception. For months, our minds were at full capacity. Ideas and plans constantly flowing and now… It’s quiet. I needed a new project. Something to keep my mind working.

Looking through all the footage from the wedding. Our camera wasn’t working properly. It turned off randomly, recording only thirty seconds to a minute at a time. I had found my project. Something to sink my teeth into.

We have perhaps a hundred different nuggets of videos. All the moments we had hoped to capture were there. Parts of the day I had missed. Kynna arriving at the church. Getting out of the car and seeing the flower girls for the first time. I could see her slight nerves just before entering the chapel to walk down the aisle to me. Seeing her walk in was an unforgettable moment but to see her just before, completed the memory.


Laughing Hyenas


Later on in the day, there was a moment. A moment those at the wedding reception will undoubtedly remember. Out of nowhere our wonderful, dignified guests transformed into a pack of laughing hyenas. The speeches, in particular, Jamie with his best-man speech, had everyone in stitches. It was one aspect of the day I really hoped had been captured

As I sifted through, watching all the clips, I found what I hoped to find. Spread over perhaps twenty different videos were the speeches. Fragmented but enough that I would be able to compile the audio.

It took hours. Probably the entire day but it didn’t matter. Like many times before, I got lost in the project. It was great. Cutting. Chopping. Trying to align the different audio clips seamlessly. Disguising the jumps. In the end, I was tired but satisfied and I couldn’t’ wait to show Kynna the results.


Andrew – Best Man (MC)

Andrew Wedding Speech


Alex – Father of the Bride Speech

Alex Wedding Speech


Michael – Groom Speech

Michael Wedding Speech


Jamie – Best Man Speech (Hillarious) 

Jamie Wedding Speech


Going Forward


Not every project can be as fun as making something tasty or immortalising a memory. I’m sure over the next few months my assignments will leave me begging for a break and struggling to meet deadlines but I’ve really enjoyed this mini project.

Over the next few months, we have another project we hope to start. We needed something to focus our minds on. An idea that would be fun and provide us opportunities to be creative.

In a few months, we’re going to have a House Warming / Halloween Party. It’s perhaps a bit late for a house warming but it gives us time to get things organised and to be truly settled in first. We have plenty of time but we’re excited to have another project to focus on.

As we thought about what we could do, this idea resonated with us most. We’re looking forward to making creepy decorations, strange looking cakes, pumpkins and designing costumes.

We’ll keep you posted.



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