Toilet Paper Costs How Much?!?

As you may know Kynna and I recently married, entering into this great world of adulthood. It’s quite a life change. As I type, I am 28 years old and only recently am I coming to realise just how much it costs to live. I come from a very supportive and loving family. We are by no means rich but we’ve always had enough. For the past 10 years since leaving school, I have worked, kept myself busy and paid my way. I believe in doing what I can to contribute. No free rides. Until a month ago, I lived without the stresses that come with living away from home. I didn’t have to deal with bills or doing a full food shop. It might sound like I’m some spoilt rich guy but in reality, I’ve just lived at home with my family and if I didn’t go shopping then someone else would.




I have been blessed to marry the most incredible woman and we’ve never been happier. I have moved just short of 150 miles away down to Birmingham and we’re in the process of making our new flat a home. It’s an all new experience. From deciding which cupboard will house the plates, to where the TV will sit. Trial and error, but we’re getting there. For the most part, things have come together nicely but occasionally through daily living, we realise something is missing, and add to our ever growing list of things we still need to buy. This happened the other day when I volunteered my potato peeling skills only to find we didn’t own a potato peeler. Similarly, this has happened with various kitchen items. Pizza cutter, colander, plates and bowls… Even a duvet, and I’m sure these won’t be the last. We’ve both spent so many years having everything we need at hand with little thought but we’re now enjoying the realisation that this is no longer the case.

My comfort bubble has now burst and I’m living with my wife in a flat in Birmingham. We’re learning together, developing our knowledge together, of how the world operates and how we must adapt to seamlessly fit. We’ve created a budget. We’ve put together a food plan. We’re sticking to it! So far, it’s going well.


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One of the great realisations and revelations we recently came across was just how much mundane things actually cost. I’m very familiar with the price of milk, or bread, or ingredients to make pasta, carbonara, or curries. I’m familiar with the cost of pizzas and stationary but yesterday it hit me. Toilet paper costs so much! And I wasn’t prepared to pay it. Picture. Me and my wife in our living room hunched over our computers sifting through websites price matching our findings for loo roll. In the end, we decided to go large and bought a pack of 18, which in the long run works out cheaper, but until now, it escaped me just how much it cost. I should say at this point I am what’s known as a ‘Yorkshire-Man’ and if we, as a people are known for anything, it is being tight with our money. I’d say it’s in the blood but (for my sins) I’m half-Scouse, half-Irish so it must be in the water. It can’t be helped. Whether it’s a new TV, energy rates, the internet, bread or eggs. If it’s cheaper I’ll find it.




It’s been just over a month since we married and I really can’t complain. I have a beautiful wife, a home, and a new life waiting to be explored. On top of where I live and who I live with, I have so much changing. My wife is, of course, Filipino so I’m gaining wonderful insights into an incredibly tasty new culture. I’m starting University in September and even signed up for the GYM. I feel blessed to be where I am and to have so much. It won’t always be easy. Some things are a challenge, such as finding reasonably priced toilet paper, but overall life is great and the future is bright.


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No toilet paper was harmed in the making of this post…